2018 – Le Edicole Votive dedicate a Sant’Agata nella città di Catania [The votive aedicules in honour of Saint Agata in Catania]

Cultural photographic path curated by Gabriele Diego Bonsangue
“Le edicole votive dedicate a Sant’Agata nella città di Catania”
[“The votive aedicules in honour of Saint Agata in Catania”]

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Chiesa Badia di Sant’Agata
28/01/2018 – 12/02/2018

On January 27th, 2018, at the Chiesa Badia di Sant’Agata, the cultural photographic path about the votive aedicules in honour of Saint Agata in Catania was exhibited.

The author explained his project so:
“The link existing between the inhabitants of Catania and their Patron Saint, Saint Agata, is reflected also into the big number of votive aedicules dedicated to Her. They represent a private and personal form of worship: this means they have both a religious value and a cultural one, due to their connection with cultural traditions.

2009 census by the superintendence of cultural heritage of Catania showed that in the town there are 240 aedicules. Of them, 32 are in honour of Saint Patron. Among those, I chose the ones that, in my opinion, were the most representative and interesting. Once I had got the authorization by the superintendence, I took a look at the census I talked about previously and then selected only the aedicules in honour to Saint Agata; I located them on Google Maps and, after having created a map, I did a virtual walk-through by Google Street View to get confirmation they were still in their places, because of the fact a lot of time was passed from the last census. Then, I went physically on the places where they were and I took some photos of them without the help of any further tool than my camera to decide which one I could photograph and which no. Only after having chosen the subjects, I decided the right tools to carry out my project.

It was a hard job, but I made it with passion because it allowed me to explore and learn more about an aspect of worship that i didn’t still know. During my spot checks, the owners who told me the story of their own “little shrines” and how they had been passing down from generation to generation were several: it’s a sign of how much they care about them. I think it is very important to preserve our connection with the past: also who lives looking to the future must not lose contact with his land and tradition because it is from those he starts his journey.

I wish to thank the Chiesa Badia di Sant’Agata and of superintendence of cultural heritage of Catania and its demo-ethno-anthropological section for collaborating with me.”

Click here to read the 2018 program for Saint Agata’s celebration.

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